Episode 19 - Game Changers

Sometimes, the most revolutionary innovation isn’t inventing a new product, it’s finding a new application or market for the product you already make. Many organizations are utilizing ordinary technology to do extraordinary things. This month on Modern Workplace, see how the non-profit sector leverages existing technologies to innovate rapidly and save lives. Join us to learn how some great non-profit organizations have leveraged these technologies in new ways to innovate, and take their causes to new heights.

Episode 18 - Management in Motion

Employee turnover is not only expensive but it can also have a massive impact on the morale of a team.  In fact, in a recent study conducted by INC, roughly three out of four employees said that their manager is the worst and most stressful part of their job. In addition, 65% said they would take a new manager over a pay raise. In order to get the best out of your teams and their talents, managers need to be able to inspire and energize their teams.    Join us to learn different strategies to empower your employees and motivate their creativity and productivity – while improving customer satisfaction

Episode 17 - Machine Learning

Machines are helping people learn faster, better, and more efficiently.  Experts can explore, analyze, and share insights at a staggering speed. With that said the question remains, how will we find a balance in analyzing insights from cognitive technology and artificial intelligence without losing the human element?  Join us as we explore cognitive technology, and learn what advances in artificial intelligence will impact analytics and demand for human interaction.

Episode 16 - Inside Security

Bringing your own phone, tablet, and laptop to work is the norm in many offices, which can be terrifying to many security practitioners. In fact, the global economy loses $3 trillion each year to malware attacks. Many of these attacks come through data by a trusted employee or vendor. As a result, how can you protect your organization and your employees from cyber security attacks?

Episode 15 - Disruption

The rapid changes in business can bring incredible opportunities - if you take advantage of them.  Organizations can find unique ways to grow and prosper by operating like cutting edge innovators. Join us and learn how to think like a start-up to find the untapped value you may already have - but are not using.  Get an insider’s look at the start-up mentality from two wildly successful entrepreneurs.

Episode 14 - The Anywhere Workplace

The number of people working outside the traditional office setting is rapidly increasing. Today there are more than 96.2 million mobile workers, and by 2020 this population is estimated to grow to an all-time high of 105.4 million. But with this growing mobile workforce how do you know when it is better to have your team work onsite or in a mobile environment?

Episode 13 - Reinventing Productivity

Today’s Chief Financial Officer must be versatile, with great insights and collaboration skills along with an eye on security. Join us as Microsoft CFO Amy Hood reveals secrets that can lead to a culture of collaboration without sacrificing security. You'll also hear from Zig Serafin, Corporate Vice President of Skype, on the future of communication technology.

Episode 7 - Globalization of the Workplace

With 34.5 million workers employed worldwide by U.S. multinational companies, today’s workplace is truly borderless. Organizations are competing for top talent on a global scale and employees need to collaborate effectively across multiple cultures, languages, and time zones. Listen in and find out how to build a connected, productive workforce that takes your business to the next level in the global marketplace.

Episode 6 - Cybersecurity: How Safe are You?

Cybercrime costs consumers and businesses 500 billion dollars a year. With ever-evolving cyber-threats, businesses need to know if their strategies and tools address their vulnerabilities. In this episode, industry experts, Ken Biery, and white-hat hacker, Tiffany Radexplain where hidden threats might lie and share tips on how to protect your organization against cyber-attacks.

Episode 5 - The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is changing how people and technology interact. With 1.9 billion devices connected today and an estimated 50 billion by 2020, the opportunity to gain efficiencies, enable innovation and increase agility through connected devices is massive.  Join host Alex Bradley and guests Kevin Ashton and Frank Burkett to find out how your company can leverage the Internet of Things to transform your business.

Episode 3 - How Millennials are Changing Business

Millennials will make up more than 50% of the workforce by 2020. They are hooked on social media and more mobile than any other generation. In this episode of Modern Workplace, Ben Rattray, Change.org, reveals what organizations need to do right now to create a culture that empowers millennials to work the way they like to work. David Burstein, author, explains how millennials work differently and why businesses must shift to support this new generation’s speedy and collaborative work style. And Asha Sharma, Porch.com, describes how businesses can attract and retain top millennial talent.