Maren Higbee

Maren lives for live.

Maren lives for live.

Maren is a seasoned producer and writer – having experience working with TV networks, large corporations, and agencies. Some of her most favorite career highlights include working on The Deadliest Catch, Oprah's Big Give, and Jockeys. After many years in the industry, she decided to update her skills and is slated to get her Masters in Digital Communications from the University of Washington in June of 2015.


Though originally from the Pacific Northwest, the desire to work in production and film took her to the East Coast to pursue her education in that field. Upon graduation, she immediately moved to the pulse of the L.A. scene to follow her dream of writing and directing films. Her adaptable style and creative nature got her into quickly learning new skills like crafting pitch packets, writing branded content, developing budgets, overseeing project timelines, and managing vendor relationships.


After a few years working on a variety of projects, she found herself entrenched in the brand new Reality TV business. Maren’s passion for telling others’ true-to-life stories inspired her to write a fictional novel as a reflection of actual occurrences in her life as a single, successful professional. What she calls her labor of love has become her most recent success by publishing a book, ‘Lana Fray and the Grand Plan’ released in 2014.


Her main project at the moment is an enterprise business talk show for Microsoft called Modern Workplace – which has been nominated for two Emmy Awards in its 2014 season.


Maren is a native of Seattle where she resides with her husband, Brandon, and her four-legged furry love, Napoleon. In her spare time, she enjoys wine tasting, long walks outdoors, and – if you get her on the right day – she’ll even go skydiving.